#OccupyMissoula (#OWS)

Some of this may be redundant as we’re not completely coordinated yet, but I wanted to get this post up as some of the information is NOT redundant.

OCCUPY MISSOULA held their first GA and between 300-400 people attended (although only about 100 were at the 5:00 PM GA and 22 people slept at the Missoula County Courthouse). Through the consensus process, Occupy Missoula decided as follows:

1) Occupy Missoula would be a nonviolent movement.

2) Occupy Missoula would immediately establish an indefinite occupation at the Missoula County Courthouse. I am proud to say that I brought the proposal to immediately establish occupation to the GA. My first ever proposal at a GA.

3) Occupy Missoula would establish study working groups to provide information to the GA regarding issues of concern to the group.

4) Another GA would convene at 5:00 PM at the Missoula County Courthouse.

Other issues were raised, but tabled for a later time.

The group then agreed to march from its location to the courthouse to establish occupation. The first GA was a bit chaotic (in the best possible way). The facilitators did great for their first time though it’s clear we have a lot to learn.

3:34 PM:

The Outer Limits radio show will be providing weekly coverage of Occupy Missoula. The weekly show is from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on KBGA. Anyone who wants to be interviewed can show up at 8:45 at the KBGA studios at the University of Montana.

All further Occupy Missoula coverage will be on OccupyMissoula.wordpress.com.

11:35 PM: Occupy Missoula’s second GA created 3 working groups – communications, logistics and development. The difference between the first GA and second GA was night and day.

Currently, working groups will meet daily at 4:00 PM and GA will be daily at 5:00.

Twitter: occupymissoula (agreed upon hashtag #occupymissoula).

1:52 AM (10/9/11): By the way, it appears that thus far, Missoula authorities are being cool. It turns out that we needed a permit to camp on the Courthouse lawn. However, the police informed us that for the time being, they would not disturb us so long as there was no alcohol or drugs. Also, one of our members – who is also a member of the IEW – contacted the person in charge of the Courthouse facilities. He agreed to turn off the automatic sprinklers and requested the we not use stakes for our tents. Well done Missoula! We believe the police and the very cool gentleman in change of the Courthouse facilities are part of the 99%. We welcome them to join us anytime and thank them for serving the public.

See photos in comments

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