OccupyMissoula GA Minutes, 10.9.2011

  • Minutes to General Assembly of 10/09/2011


  • I. Announcements
  • II. Team Reports
  • A. Logistics Team
  • B. Communications Team
  • C. Development Team
  • D. Arts & Culture
  • II. AOB (Any Other Business).  This section will be on each agenda moving forward, and is a time to bring up new proposals.


The assembly began with a review of process.  Active democratic process has been adopted.  This means GAs serve practical purposes and during the GA meeting the bullhorn in not a platform for idealogy.

Introduction to process:

Consensus model:  A proposal is made.  If there are no concerns, and no blocking concerns, the proposal passes by consensus.  If there are concerns about the proposals, facilitators will help take comments equitably, seeking a balanced number of concerns expressed for and against the proposal.  Once those concerns are heard, it will be put back to the group for consensus.  If a proposal is blocked (blocking is expressed with forearms crossed in an “x” and means the person would walk away from the movement if that proposal is passed) then it will be taken out.  It may be proposed again at a later date after further discussion.

Mediators will help gauge the level of discussion.  They can be replaced.

The floor team members, wearing yellow armbands, will filter commentators to ensure that those for and against get to comment.  When you have a comment, find one of them, tell them what your concern is and whether you agree or dissent the proposal.

There was then a brief overview of yesterday before taking announcements.


  • 1. Missoula police visited today.  The mayor called them to find out why, and they have stated they do not want to intervene as they support free expression of first amendment rights.  There are people working on getting a permit for the courthouse occupation.
  • 2. The helicopter flying around Missoula is a private, permitted flight, and is apparently here because they are shooting a movie for the ZombieTools guys.
  • 3. An information booth is set up at the kiosk.  Handwritten messages can be left for those not technologically connected, i.e. those without cell phones, FB, Twitter, etc.  A suggestion box is also set up and has received a few suggestions, which this announcer had with her but is awaiting an appropriate time to read them to the group.  A donation request list is also started at that kiosk.
  • 4. Please help work to keep the grounds clean!  Garbage bags are available.
  • 5. Security watch list sign up is needed!  Sundown to sunup security.  Will meet at flagpole after GA to signup for shifts.


A. Logistics Team Report

1. Shelter/Curtis

  • There is a supply inventory, thank-yous to those that donated.
  • There is a Short-term use donations inventory, so donated items can be retrieved by donors.  It will the donor’s responsibility to reclaim those items, and supply managers will be on had to help donors locate them in the supply area.  There is a wish list available at Inventory.
  • The supply tent and food tents are now in use, and there will be a communications tent soon.
  • One member, Rob, made a $100 Costco donation.

-Concern: should we shop at Costco?  Duly noted, logistics will take it into account, appreciation to the donor was expressed by the GA group.

The Badlander is allowing restroom use and is open until 2 am.

2. Food & Sanitation/Suzie

  • Sanitation: Handwashing stations are made and will be here soon
  • Food: Seeds of Change is planning to come and cook, but returning their cooking utensils, dishes, etc is a key concern for them.

3. Security/Brad

  • Security problems: Drunks are out until 2:30, especially trouble on the weekend.  Police passed by to check that we abide by all city ordinances.  There will be a security group gathering at the flagpole after the GA.

B. Communications/Tamara

  • There is a team working on onine media, to get ownership  of the domain and to avoid squatters on the domain.
  • JRPC has given permission to use space to work on posters/website.
  • How to reach those who are not online is being considered by the com team.

C. Development Team/Jay

Development covered multiple subgroups: Outreach, Study Groups, Direct Action, and Arts & Culture.

There were some frustrations discussing all these topics, so the focus was on Internal Education [now termed “Study Groups”] and Outreach.  The Arts & Culture group split off to begin their work, and will present separately.


  • Outreach:  There seems to be a need to develop an operational message.  How can we reach out if we don’t know what we’re saying?  Define an area of common ground, but there is conflict over what that operational message might be.    As a general group we should determine that message.
  • Study Groups:  Study group topics will be posted on a board near the information kiosk.  People can choose which topics interest them and attend that study group session.  Details will be determined and posted/announced at upcoming GA meetings as they develop.


Suggested Topics:


  • Campaign Finance
  • End the Fed Reserve
  • Modern Tax Law
  • Monetary Policy
  • Contract Law
  • Missoula’s Nov. 8 Referendum to Abolish Corporate Personhood
  • The 1%
  • Study Political Moments of the Past
  • Hierarchy, Power and Privilege
  • New World Order
  • History of Economic Theory
  • Environmental Justice
  • What is Capitalism?
  • Ecological Economics
  • Capitalism’s Precursors and Alternatives/Other Countries?
  • Legal Rights/Civil Disobedience
  • History of Protests/Tactics
  • Studying Horizontal Process
  • Fossil Fuel Depletion and Sustainability
  • Creating Communes/Squatting
  • Basic First Aid/Cold Weather Survival
  • Zeitgeist Movement (not to be confused with Zietgeist the movie)


D. Arts & Culture/Brooklyn

The Arts & Culture group proposes that Art [may not meant to represent the entire group] and Art will be [recognized as not expressing the views of the group, e.g. artistic freedom is recognized].

  • –        Art Jam Oct 15, 3pm to 10pm.  Music and Art, with open invite to the public.
  • –        First Friday event will be organized, again with open invite to public.
  • –        A projector and screen will be available for cinema nights.
  • –        A&C will try to have entertainment here as much and as often as possible!

III. AOB/New proposals for next Agenda

  • –        There will be a dry erase board for the next meeting for organizational reasons.
  • –        Proposed/Passed by Consensus after much discussion:

The next 3 General Assembly meetings will take place each day at 5:30pm at the courthouse.  At that meeting we will determine as a group whether it will be a full GA or a break-out session for work groups.

  • –        The first order of business for tomorrow’s meeting is to work on the operational message.
  • –        The study groups discussion was tabled; the Study Groups working group will reconvene and restructure the proposal.
  • –        Consensus was reached supporting the Oct 15 Art Jam.

Closing Announcements:

  • A generator is needed for amps etc. for the Art Jam.
  • Meeting at the flagpole for security watch sign-up.
  • Freecycle share bikes are now available for all ages.
  • Dumpster run.
  • Dishwashing volunteers needed! Take dishes home & bring them back in the morning.
  • Facilitators are needed/facilitators will meet and train at 4pm.
  • Open Bullhorn.

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