OccupyMissoula GA, 10.11.2011 5:30pm Court House Lawn

Minutes for tonight’s GA after the jump:

Minutes for GA

Curtis reported on logistics

New info Permit

Abide by the rules

Shouldn’t we be allowed to be here it’s this a movement that we may not be legal

Moving camps to the outside for mowing and sprinklers

Campers safety who are occupying should

1. Anticipate moving
2. Proposal: move camp please cooperate with grounds keeper’s mowing schedule

If there is a reason to break camp we propose that we will not make permanent marks until addressed later?

Moving nonsmoking 50 feet


25 feet from cook tent

25 feet from entrance

Reminder rally at Caras 12: oo Saturday

There will be an art party after rally art meets at 4:00pm

Workshop and teachings conflict resolution workshop

Jeffrey 12:00pm gazebo on Wednesday

Email Communications sign up

Is there a study group mtg frame still needs to be decided


GA vote on

Need press release, what we have done, what we have accomplished

Working groups for document so it can be worked on more

Direct Action communicate with arts and other groups Notes, Daily report Jo Direct Action mtg at 4:00pm

1. Rally on Saturday 11am in solidarity with the movement Proposal
2. Day of the dead consensus
3. Thursday the 20th Occupy for the oval rally march
4. Finance – Kathleen
$150 cash donations
$200 port a potty donations
Proposed Finance Committee
1. Acct receivable person
2. Acct payable person
3. Daily balance
4. Work group liaison
5. Area donation person
Mtg time working group
Forum committee action all roles
We pay.com


Here’s the revised draft of the OccupyMissoula Statement for consideration at tonight’s GA.

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