Interview with Dr. Jeff Madrick

Update: the interview with Dr. Madrick has been posted at Plutocracy files:

Occupied Media: Interview with Jeff Madrick

Here’s the first segment:

Watch the rest of the interview at Plutocracy Files, or the OccupyMissoula YouTube channel.


Good work everyone – I’ve been busy getting an interview of Jeff Madrick – hopefully, we’ll be able to post it tomorrow. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Madrick, here he is:

John (Buckallew) , Taryn, Willow, and Wade,

I’ve hooked up with Paul Shockey (you can read our emails on the gmail acct). He’s a videographer and photographer who wants to help get us going on a livefeed, and get a youtube channel and flickr acct rolling. he’ll be at the occupation wed night and at the GA. hopefully you guys can meet and chat…


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