Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in cooperation, not affiliation @ OccupyMissoula!

On Friday the 14th of October an AA meeting will be going on at 4:00 PM @ the wall tent. If you are struggling with substance abuse please consider attending, all are welcome.


OccupyMissoula ArtJam Update & Posters to Distribute

Folks, remember we are having an ArtJam on Saturday from 1pm – 10pm. Here are the minutes of yesterday’s workgroup meeting, and links to the flyers/posters. Please help distribute!

Artwork, tiled for handbills: | pdf
Artwork for 8 1/2 x 11 poster: | pdf

Arts and Culture Minutes 10/12/11: Continue reading

Tricia Opstad                — The Link to the video

video from the 1st general assembly in Missoula on Oct. 8, 2011, next general assembly is tonight at 5pm on the Missoula Courthouse lawn. Working group meetings at 4pm.