Twitter For Dummies

Firstly, in order to use Twitter, you need to go to, and get an account! Click on Sign Up; fill out relevant information, and whatnot. Afterward, you NEED to verify your email. If you’re not already using Gmail start now; less bounce backs and it’s smoother, faster, easier to use, etc.

Afterward, you can then edit your profile, by clicking.. your screename on the top right. Fill out all important fields. Upload an avatar. The easy part is now done!

Now, let’s follow someone! Try, click follow, then click home, then you can see all my tweets! Hashtags are important; they make a list of all tweets with them.
#occupymontana, #occupymso, #occupymissoula, #ows, #occupywallstreet are good ones! An example tweet would be, “It is cold and rainy, but we are still strong and warm hearted. #occupymontana, #ows.”
You can post tweets from your home page.
Welcome to Follow Friday, which uses the hashtag #ff. An example would be, “#ff @anontana, @occupymontana.” @ is what you put in front of someone’s screename, when you either reply or are talking about them.

Your URL is your screename, so mine is, or @occupymontana on Twitter, when you are talking to me.

So, you can also search hashtags – #fdny, #missoula, #ramen, #whateveryouwant, #occupywallstreet, #ows.

You can also search for all your friends on Twitter, from .. Facebook, I think.

Now, when you see someone’s tweets, you can reply publicly to them, by clicking reply, to repeat what they said, hit retweet, to message them privately, click direct message.

You can get an app for any phone you’ve got.. There’s several in the Android market, but I prefer the Twitter one. You can also set it up for nonsmartphones!! Just go here! You’ll have to send a confirmation code back, I think; as mentioned, I DO NOT OWN A CELL PHONE, but I have before. Then, you just send your tweets to 40404, I think.

I hope that I covered everything. If I didn’t, respond to this email, tweet me at @OccupyMontana, or call or text – 503.877.4272, if you have any questions.

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