1500 cities worldwide participating in this movement now!

In Washington DC 6 supporters of #OWS were arrested in the senate’s Heart office building for chanting loudly and unfurling banners calling for an end to overseas wars and for increased taxes on the rich. Blocks away occupiers at Freedom Plaza have obtained permits from the Parks Service to remain where they are for another four months. This four-month extension comes after their temporary permit expired and they announced that since they were occupying a public space, it was irrelevant whether the permit had expired or not, and they weren’t leaving. They’ve immediately started working on organizing think tanks to help create a new infrastructure for our country.

Chicago 21 protesters who were arrested for trespassing in two separate incidents – 16 were taken into custody for protesting at a downtown hotel where the conference for the mortgage bankers association was underway – five more people, women ranging in ages from 55 – 80 were arrested for taking garbage from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America and dumping it at one of the bank’s branches.

Video footage has emerged of the mass arrests at an Occupy Boston protest Monday night. More than 100 people were detained after police raided an encampment in the early morning hours. The video shows police grabbing members of the organization Veterans for Peace who repeatedly shout at the riot police, “We are Veterans of the United States of America,” while riot police tossed the old men to the ground along with the American flag, beating a 72 year old veteran while trampling the flag in the street.


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