Notes from the Occupation

The encampment thanks everyone for responding with so much support! They now have about $200 on the Good Food Store gift card, and it sounds like an account has been opened at Ax Man for propane donations. If you would like to support the camp and create other open accounts for Occupy Missoula to use, just let us know at Right now this has been a wonderful help to keep things running smoothly.

Friday, there will be a memorial service for Cockeye Joe, a man who lived on the street for many years in Missoula. This service will be at 1pm on Friday, and is called Joe’s Last Walk. Participants will walk to the areas that Joe spent his time, and spread his ashes and flowers along the way. The service will take place on the corner of the courthouse lawn where Joe spent much of his time. Most of the participants are the street community in Missoula. They ask Occupy Missoula supporters if they might kindly donate money for flowers for the occasion. If you are able, you can purchase flowers from Bitteroot Floral, by 10 am tomorrow.  Say they are for Cockyeye Joe’s memorial, and we will pick them up.

Join us in person or online for an Indoor General Assembly on Saturday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, at the Missoula Public Library, large meeting room.  We will try to also stream the meeting using Tinychat, to help people participate from home.  A link to the meeting will be provided at 2:30 pm.  If you are planning to attend via the Internet, please join Tinychat nice and early so you can practice using it and work out issues.  It is a very easy chat service, so we hope it works out, to help more people participate in the General Assembly!  A proposed theme for the meeting is “Next Steps”  — a meeting to talk about winter, outreach, education, and so on.  You can also go try tinychat right now at, to see how it works.


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