All Material Written by Gabrielle Lafayette. (Digital Mail to the editor)

The problems that we face here in Missoula are far different than those that befall the demonstrators in New York. The police brutality in major US cities has served to band the collective together making every account of false arrest, excessive force, and constitutional violation only cement our combined vitality. Police support here in Missoula has thus far meant finding any reason within our group that we can to bicker and gossip amongst ourselves, making mountains out of molehills at every chance we can. We bicker and squabble and gossip while our sisters and brothers are being shot in the streets o Yemen for participating in this worldwide demonstration.

While many are still confused about what this demonstration is, let me clarify once and for all what it is not. This is not merely a protest, as a protest would legitimize the establishment that has already been rigged against us should we use their ways of channeling our political anger. This movement is not the leftist –version of the tea party (formerly Taxed Enough Already before the Republican ticket hijacked them and turned them into a party); this is the largest mass movement in human history, clocking in over 2100 cities worldwide this the 21st of October, I ask, how can a worldwide movement be epitomized by American politics? It’s insane – the United States only accounts for a fraction of the world population – roughly 4.5% – so how can a worldwide movement be seen as liberal or democrat, republican or conservative? This movement is not political. This movement is not a sludge fund. This movement is not a baby-sitting service. This movement is not a flea market. This movement is not a pet-sitting service. This movement is not a soup kitchen or a charity. This movement is not a weekend retreat nor a seminar.

In the name of unity, may we as children learn to put our egos away and learn to grow up and work together for progress.

October Eleventh Two Thousand Eleven:

In August of this year, the culture jamming journal of the mental environment Adbusters published a centerfold that read, “What is our One demand? #OCCUPYWALLST. September 17th. Bring tent.” The brave organizers who showed up that Saturday realized the best way to gain support and create growth for this movement was to incite an atmosphere of constant momentum by means of continuously exposing the system’s weaknesses. In the early stages of this movement, exposing the system’s weaknesses has meant generating news headlines which illustrate the consequences of living in the American police state. With 80 arrests accompanying the illegitimate use of pepper spray in the first week, 700 arrested on Brooklyn bridge in the second week, and the Boston Police Departments shocking assault of American Veterans while tossing the American flag to the ground and trampling it in the fourth week, the movement has been successful in its relentless efforts to film and document every act of state terrorism and police brutality that transpire on their watch.

This morning (11 October) coordinated attacks by police took place in five US cities:

– Austin TX

– Boston MA

– Albuquerque NM

– Atlanta GA

– Seattle WA

Recently surfaced documents have proven that JP Morgan is the chief financier of police departments all over the country. It is no longer a secret that XE (formerly Black Water) is heading up US police training programs, or that Department of Homeland Security is responsible for releasing memos and training materials to police departments. The continued deployment of national guardsmen to US states illustrates that the US military has repeatedly been ordered to violate the constitutionally guaranteed posse comitatus which forbids military from assisting in police matters. Relentless wiretapping and surveillance exemplifies that the CIA – an organization which is explicitly forbidden to spy on its own citizens – has headed up the efforts of building a domestic surveillance panopticon under the guise of the War on Terror. And recently Democracy Now reported that FBI informants are not only busting terrorist plots, they are actually leading them so the FBI can later claim victories in the so-called “war on terror.” These crimes, however, are all symptoms of the real problems.

The institutions that pose the most direct threat to our civil liberties and survival as a species have been proven to be the Federal Reserve Bank (about as federal as Federal Express) and the corporations that grew up around us as a result. Everything we see before us – the American dream turned nightmare – is a result of one American experiment:

Central Banking + Capitalism x Fractional Reserve Banking

Federalist Number 10 written by Alexander Hamilton predicted that our republic would be lost to neo-monarchy if the people ever became complacent about the democratic process and stopped actively participating in government. He wasn’t the only one of our founders to make prophetic warnings. Thomas Jefferson’s famous statement is as pertinent now as it ever was:

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

The Rothchild banking cartel’s eighteenth-century king, Mayer Amsched Rothchild, only reinforced this truth with his famous statement representing the 1%:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws.”

The threat to our survival is corporatocracy, guided by oligarchy; a giant several million times larger than Goliath, and geographically ubiquitous. No square mile of earth is exempt from the exploitative guillotine of the military industrial complex. If we are to defeat this monster, it is absolutely critical that we become as organized as possible, remain vigilant and continue to expose the weaknesses of a profoundly sick society imbedded in the culture that threatens to be the death of us all. The demands of Wall Street are our demands, and we have a say in this too. But first it is paramount that we at least acknowledge our movement here on the lawn of City Hall would not exist without the brave efforts of the initial occupiers on Wall Street. We must remain conscious of outside efforts to split up and marginalize our numbers through calculated co-opting tactics. Corporations have already bought up thousands of web domains in an effort to hijack this movement – is one such website, and has nothing to do with us. The picture at the top of the .com (com is short for “commercial”) depicts hundreds of smiling, white, middle-class Americans holding American flags. Below this picture reads this movement’s slogan; “we are the 99%.” However the site is aimed toward a campaign for one, Rand Paul– not Ron Paul – no doubt part of an effort to further confuse already puzzled voters with a similar sounding name as the only honest republican politician in congress.

This movement does not support political candidates. Frankly, the time for voting in one official over another political party to make our decisions for us, is over. We have already created a new system, and it is up to our former federal government to understand that they no longer lead the people, because the people finally realized the truth, that no one in Washington really represents them anyway.

Divide and conquer tactics have always divided us along arbitrary tribal lines, exploiting the natural human tendency to label and externalize and conceptualize. The efforts to co-opt this movement have not even begun, and just as with the WTO in Seattle a decade ago, we must beware of mercenaries disguised as protesters creating violent disturbances to justify the use of riot police and national guardsmen. This was also the case during the 2009 G20 summit meetings in Pittsburgh, and has functioned as a reliable tactic in suppressing the First Amendment and our constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble. But we must be even more aware of efforts to hijack this movement to redirect it toward existing political rhetoric. We must be aware of attempts to marginalize, stratify, confuse and frustrate this movement in order to lose popular support. We must be aware of fake contact information, fake websites and fake organizations bought and paid for to prevent our growth to channel potential activists back into the Left vs. Right paradigm. We are the 99%, yes, but there are still less than 1% of the 99% who are as informed as they are passionate to take action.

The following is from Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, and again, as relevant as ever.

I HEARTILY ACCEPT the motto, — “That government is best which governs least”;(1) and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe, — “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient. The objections which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government. The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it. Witness the present Mexican war,(2) the work of comparatively a few individuals using the standing government as their tool; for, in the outset, the people would not have consented to this measure.

[2] This American government — what is it but a tradition, though a recent one, endeavoring to transmit itself unimpaired to posterity, but each instant losing some of its integrity? It has not the vitality and force of a single living man; for a single man can bend it to his will. It is a sort of wooden gun to the people themselves. But it is not the less necessary for this; for the people must have some complicated machinery or other, and hear its din, to satisfy that idea of government which they have. Governments show thus how successfully men can be imposed on, even impose on themselves, for their own advantage. It is excellent, we must all allow. Yet this government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way. It does not keep the country free. It does not settle the West. It does not educate. The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way. For government is an expedient by which men would fain succeed in letting one another alone; and, as has been said, when it is most expedient, the governed are most let alone by it. Trade and commerce, if they were not made of India rubber,(3) would never manage to bounce over the obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way; and, if one were to judge these men wholly by the effects of their actions, and not partly by their intentions, they would deserve to be classed and punished with those mischievous persons who put obstructions on the railroads.


First as foremAll Material Written by Gabrielle Lafayette most, if you or anyone you know truly desires to understand this movement:

The only official web domain that actually represents the Missoula chapter:  — – Domain name’s

The official page of Wall Street – this movement’s capitol

Minutes from some of New York City’s General Assembly meetings

Where to go to read the Occupied Wall Street Journal:

Dearest Reader,

Before your eyes even finish reading this sentence, realize something that almost no one has ever considered before: what do capitalism, communism, socialism, Fascism, Marxism, consumerism and every other –ism have in common? What is this blasphemy? How could capitalism possibly have anything to do with evil communism? That makes no sense at all. I’m going to stop reading this inarticulate, idealistic trash right now.

Still here? Are you ready for this? None of these systems consider the fact, that infinite growth is not possible in a system with limited resources. That’s it! From Adam Smith to Karl Marx, everyone is obsessed with who OWNS the means of production, and get so caught up in this game of winner-take-all, that so few if any have ever considered the fact that there simply are not enough resources to accommodate constant, exponential growth. These old systems doom their civilizations merely because they are short-sighted and impatient. The erecting of an empire is especially childish, and suddenly the board games of both Risk and Monopoly are being played out on the “map” of Earth in front of all of us, except it doesn’t look like plastic pieces, but bloody bodies. These games have been won – the Earth, effectively “conquered” (though she will ultimately determine whether we stay or become extinct), so now what? Everything must go back in the box.

Here’s something else to consider. No –ism system that has yet flowered into existence through the great human experiment has ever accounted for the possibilities of automated technology. In other words, there are no lords nor serfs in a 21st century, Resource Based economy that uses modern technology to take the place of dangerous, boring and often pointless jobs, thus rendering monetary currency obsolete. More than 80% of today’s jobs are serviced based, due to the fact that most forms of labor have all been automated, and automation now threatens the job security of the service worker.

We need all the help we can get and if we’re serious about helping reform this country and reclaim it from the social engineers and bankers who swept the carpet and the constitution out from under our feet everyone must realize that the road to “freedom” is not paved with jobs or dollars, pensions or 401K plans – the system is collapsing and if you’re in denial of this you’re probably too ingrained in the machine to have energy or time enough to investigate for yourself. Everyone feels this way, because it is the way it is. No one has time to look into this garbage – first of all the implications of digesting this kind of information on a daily basis are extremely frightening due to the sinister atmosphere concerning the very nature of the subject matter, not to mention the simple fact that a truly scientific, objective, and well-rounded exploration into the question “what in the world is going on in the world right now and more importantly WHY?” is a task that is almost as time consuming as the contemplation of the question, “How, once I’ve realized what is going on, am I ever going to get people to believe these unbelievable but absolutely true, mind boggling anomalies that I have discovered?” It requires an open mind and a complete evaporation of the old paradigms of thought patterning programmed into us by the most relentless television propaganda campaign ever – how can we assert this way of life as the correct one after it has led us here? These realizations are inevitable.

Here’s a quick outline of my most important discoveries this year, as well as the latest:

1. The Road Ahead

The monster is falling, but allowing it to fall on its own is not enough, just like recycling will never be enough. Setting up sustainable communities is part of the answer, yes, but what would be the point of living in a sustainable community if the rest of humanity succeeds in making the global ecosystem uninhabitable (which it is)? We must actively destroy the infrastructure that is killing us all, and that starts with reigning in the corporations that own our ‘free’ systems of government. It’s been hijacked, and its time to take it back, and once we do, who’s to say that we couldn’t use the existing infrastructure to build what Terrence McKenna believed was finally possible vis-à-vis the advancement of technology – a human paradise? – something Jacques Fresco refers to as “the second garden of Eden.”

So who are we fighting exactly? Is it a coincidence that every presidential administration in the last couple of decades has been full of Wall Street financiers and corporate tycoons and lobbyists? The government is not the enemy. So who is? Who is ultimately responsible for the depression and the inflation and the Chemtrails and the unemployment and the destruction of the planet &c.? Well we can start with the entity that is pretty clearly more powerful than the government – the corporations.

Do you know where Nike came up with their all-too-popular slogan, “Just do it”? Those were the words of the owner to his employees every time an unethical decision, be it child labor crimes or the destruction of indigenous environments, had to be made. His routine command to his employees to “JUST DO IT!” became so ubiquitous with their immoral practices that it soon caught on and, not surprisingly in this post-modern age of irony, was quickly co-opted into a household slogan that millions of Americans casually expel without any knowledge of how their simple act of consuming products that are simultaneously the product of slavery and made to be obsolete thus further ensuring a dependence on said slavery is destroying everyone’s ability to live.

We can talk all we want about how we supposedly live in a democracy, or how 80% of the Earth’s 7 billion citizens live on less than $2/day – but at the end of the day it is just talk. It is clear to me the act of supporting the duopolistic corporatocracy in the forms of spending debt-ridden Federal Reserve notes at corporate stores is as truly as unpatriotic an act as there ever was. Going to Wal-Mart ensures that your grandchildren won’t have any other choice but to depend of corporations for their sustenance. Eating semi-digestible synthetics at McDonald’s ensures our grandchildren will forever depend not on locally grown produce that they can themselves procure from the simple act of gardening for their survival, but a dependence upon the central banking model of capitalist consumerism as a lifestyle thus surrendering what little freedom we have left.

To put it perhaps more simply, if the trucks stopped tomorrow, would you be able to survive? The globalization of the corporate model has insured that for most, especially those who are most dependent on trucking for their survival: city dwellers. High density population centers like New York can be held hostage if it is decided at, say, a Bilderberg meeting to create a sudden oil emergency rationing worldwide. Would it be so bad? THe air would immediately become slightly clearer. The last time I went to Applebee’s all I could taste were the preservatives, because Applebee’s doesn’t get their produce from anywhere near the restaurant’s physical location within cities – it comes from a corporate distribution center. How does it make sense to waste the most precious energy resource we’ve ever known to move food around from place to place when the most efficient way to transport something is the smallest possible distance? The same goes for anything that comes from the grocery store that is wrapped in endless layers of useless packaging that has one inevitable fate: the landfill, unless it’s burned in an incinerator first (fyi: incinerators are the #1 cause or Dioxin – Dioxin is the most toxic chemical in existence) and then tossed in a landfill. This is total madness. There is such a thing as Conscious Consumption, and it has three caveats:

A. Goods must be manufactured with the intent of creating something that will stand up against time in order to last as long as physically possible

B. Anything produced should be made of materials which can be broken down and used again

C. Anything which is likely to update or become more efficient in a relatively short duration, namely computer, telecommunication, energy, and transportation technologies, should be designed to accommodate improvements, up-dates and modifications

My ideas aren’t really “ideas” per-se, but rather, pre-established rules of nature that have been ignored, defiled and forgotten. For instance, why can senators, congressmen and representatives become “career politicians?” Spend too long on the job and anyone is likely to become complacent and corrupt. Shouldn’t we limit ALL terms to that of the president? Of course we must reestablish the president from his current role as patsy – as puppet – the corporate face advertising the will of the military industrial complex.

That brings me to my favorite subject of all: Advertising.

Advertising needs to be legalized. We see more ads today than our grandparents saw in their lifetimes. Drug companies, and in fact all major companies spend more money on advertising each year than they invest in Research and Development efforts. Some school programs are now finding themselves against a wall, resorting to advertising campaigns designed to paint ads on the sides of school busses in order to negotiate Endorsement Deals to make budget ends meet:

“With governments slashing budgets, school boards across America are embracing an all out advertising orgy to help pay teacher salaries and make the clocks tick on time. As of right now, companies like Coon Rapid’s School Media are singing deals to carve up as much as ten percent of school property in districts around the country. Lockers, libraries, gymnasiums, bathrooms, busses, coat racks, cafeterias, even teaching materials aren’t spared.” ~Adbusters #98

Since the housing bubble threw two-million of its citizens onto the streets and tens of millions more afraid of losing their homes, many homeowners in the United States have resorted to a new corporate advertising gimmick that allows a corporation to pay a person’s mortgage, in exchange for painting the front of their house like a billboard to advertise a consumer product. T

The advertising/marketing oligarchy’s lack of boundaries are more insidious than we could have ever previously anticipated. For example, who filled the shoes as CIA director when Obama took office? Panetta, a lobbyist -and what is lobbying but the profession of acting as the face of advertising? All forms of advertisement should be outright legalized for the good of the common man. Advertising isn’t there to ‘get a good product out there,’ it is cultural programming that none of the 99% authorized. None of us asked for this meme warfare, and the current pop-culture being force-fed to us does nothing but insult our intelligence and atrophy brain function. A good product needs no advertisement, because a good product sells itself. Marijuana needs no advertisement to be the number one cash crop in twelve states. Conversely, the opposite happens to be true, since weed is in fact the victim of a relentless anti-advertising campaign in regards to a drug war built on the same tiers of lies as the terror war, but it keeps the privatized prisons filled to capacity, ensuring that more prisons can be built in the name of record profits, which can be traded for more profit on Wall Street. Of course one could argue that the legalization of marijuana is in itself, a form of advertising, as much as one could argue that the drug war isn’t really on marijuana, the drug war is on marijuana users. But they couldn’t say, WAR ON DRUG USERS because it would be inconceivable for our parents — the children of the baby boom generation — to allow such a thing. The fact of the matter here is that responsible drug use is distinct from “abuse,” which is a disorder; not a crime.

It’s no secret anymore that our civilization has been on a collision course for a long time now, but have we reached the point of no return? One thing is absolutely certain: whether we take it back and change it, or allow it to run itself into the ground, this Ecocidal insanity we find ourselves currently occupied with is ending one way or the other. “How long will most be able to survive without Big Macs, Frappucinos and World of Warcraft?” The lack of corporate convenience and entertainment may be a death sentence for millions who have become so hopelessly dependent upon the system that provides them with bananas and pornography, that the truly blind will fight to protect its continuity. The bigger picture is that in reality what we’re looking at here is not merely social failings, but the fifth global extinction event, anthropologically speaking, in Earth’s known history.

It may be true that corporations exhibit the characteristics of a virus, spreading to an area and multiplying until every natural resource is consumed, thus necessitating the spread to another area to maintain their survival. But here’s the kicker – we’re bacteria with alleged “free will” to do otherwise. This is to say, we have the power to stop our own extinction. If the world spins into violent revolution, we may not survive at all; as the age of Pisces enters its final days, we cannot open the next chapter with blood if the species is going to maintain itself. We must grow up or die. By the same token, there is no greater sin than the apathy of non-action – evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

I believe figures like Gandhi and MLK had it right with their peaceful protest movements, and I’ve meditated many times on the seeming paradox of moving forward peacefully against a machine that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. I’ve struggled with questions such as, if Gandhi and MLK had had simply one armed bodyguard, might they still be alive today? Isn’t it true that their death resulted in the fracturing of their movements hence a continuation of the establishment they were fighting against? Obi Wan once said unto Vader, “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” If the goal is to silence a movement, the act of Martyring an inspiring leader is actually counter-intuitive in the long run, since it immortalizes their image and brands the essence of their voice into the minds of all who discover it. Why else would Jesus be remembered two-thousand years after his crucifixion? Perhaps Dave Smith articulated it the best:

“To oppose a violent system with violence only reinforces the system. A fight against oppression will find strength and ultimately success only through intelligent, peaceful action that exposes the greed and fear that corrupts any system these vices leach onto, including capitalism. Violence, anger and aggression may be immediate and dramatic, but they divert media and the masses away from real issues and create a smokescreen in which the freedom of plain and simple truth is lost.”

I’m reminded of the teaching of Yoda: “Anger, fear, aggression – the dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

The other side to this meditation always brings me back to the two-fold realization that Gandhi kicked the redcoats out of India during his lifetime, and MLK was privileged with seeing the civil rights movement bubble into fruition before his own eyes, before the time of their respective deaths. Then I think about how having armed bodyguards, or more simply, having been armed themselves would have illegitimated their movements. This is the key – Neanderthal was the dominant of all the hominids to survive throughout the ages. Why? Because he was the most violent, and we can see this evolve throughout history; the more violent of the species has always survived through force and domination. This does not change the fact that these men were correct in their belief that peaceful protest is the only way to change the trend, because armed revolution simply does not change the problem – it only shifts and complicates it. The path toward the correct answer is, after all, the result of successfully identifying all of the incorrect outcomes. That is to say that fascism, communism, socialism, capitalism, consumerism, free-market and all of the other steps taken in the last two centuries are the in-between steps on our journey from agricultural feudalism toward true paradise and dare I say it, “Utopia” (definition: unattainable goal).

In the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick depicts the realization that occurs in the mind of the early hominid, handling the bones of a dead prey animal. The realization leads him to understand that a femur bone he found on the ground can be used as a bat, and thus his tribe is given a leg up on competing tribes. The scenes that follow illustrate how calculated violence materializes in territorial dominance over the watering hole, and the competing tribe is forced to move to another area. Cut to Tienanmen Square china, or the G20 summit meetings in Pittsburgh and England, or Police Brutality at #OWS, or pretty much any other scene from our recent history wherein riot police armed with weapons that the peaceful protesters lack, achieve territorial dominance over an area. It doesn’t take a whole lot of ingenuity to realize that human beings are still failing the first, and very first test laid out in front of us by God – love thy neighbor – easy to say, but difficult to practice. I find it endlessly amusing that the people who tend to preach this message the loudest happen to be card carrying Christians who also believe that our wars overseas are justified – that somehow the death of 1,000 brown people is equivalent to the death of one white person – that somehow our resources have wound up on someone else’s land. Western humanity has failed again, and again, and again, countless times throughout history. I say western humanity because you’ll never hear of a Buddhist genocide, or a war justified in the name of the Buddha – you never hear about the Buddhists enslaving other cultures, or raping the earth, or succumbing to corrupt systems of governance. Why is this? Let’s first address the implied issue of this paragraph: Why will armed revolution never work? As we’ve seen from the Soviet Union’s many bouts with revolution, the problem is twofold. First of all, oppressive governments never step quietly down from power, and tearing them down or running away from them have a habit of compounding the problem. Just as a victim of child abuse is doomed to repeat the pattern upon their children, the violent overthrow of a tyrannical regime ensures that the next regime will create themselves in the image of their former oppressor’s, and a new, even more domineering tyrannical dictatorship will emerge. The only difference between the new regime and the old regime is the new tyranny will be slightly more aware of the fact that the pattern tends to repeat itself, thus they will also one day be opposed and taken from power, ensuring a need to themselves become even more tyrannical and oppressive than their former oppressors to suppress the idea of their own overthrow as much as possible. If violence is what we use, violence is what we’ll get.

2. The Final Pages of the Monetary Age

The central occupation of white man: to wage war, sell war, and justify war, and we have a thousand ways of doing so. The most insidious of the military industrial complex’s crimes against humanity is the commodification and fabrication of illegal wars to make as much money as possible by cashing in on the Wall Street dividend which guarantees the highest short-term/short-sided investment a person could possibly hope to make in the market: What does America produce these days? It’s clear from the Iraqi oil and the foreign cars and the Japanese computers and the Chinese EVERYTHING (including organs from Chinese political dissidents quartered up and sold on the market to the first world, who is buying out of necessity) or the Indonesian shoes or the Mexican labor &c. America produces only one good: guns, and lots of ‘em. We have big guns, we have small guns, we have a gun that will chase a man down a hallway and explode behind him and plant another gun on him as evidence that he was, in fact, the culprit, and emit a news report to cover up a smoking gun on our propaganda networks to sleight-of-hand you away from the truth to encouragingly nudge you toward the conclusion that we have, in fact, liberated you from evil. If the question is, “do you have a gun that can destroy an entire country?” we could give a positive answer and point our client in the direction of a nuclear warhead. The only thing we don’t have access to yet are Death Stars, to finally rid ourselves from the embarrassment that comes at corporate meetings when admitting that we do not yet possess a gun big enough to destroy an entire planet. The only reason our greedy masters have not built a Death Star yet is that we lack the resources to assemble so many precious metals together. Nevertheless the attitude is, “We build monster trucks for fun – piss us off, and see what we build!” (Christopher Titus)

It should be fairly obvious following the Bush family’s ties not only to investment plans with the Bin Laden family and chief-executive status at the Carlyle Group meetings, but with the Union Banking corporation’s involvement in laundering Nazi money, the Rockefeller family’s selling specialized gasoline to the Nazi air force thereby making that oh-so-historical bombing raid over London possible, and numerous other crimes, when are we going to come together as a people and do what we should have done a long time ago: put these men on trial for rampant, grotesque and repeated crimes against humanity, common decency, and the divine? This wouldn’t be hard to write up – for example:

Since America went into bankruptcy in 1933, bankrupt to the Federal Reserve, the government has been following a 20-year period of having it’s money loaned to it at interest by the Fed. In ’33 the Fed said to our grandparents’ generation: “Ok, USA, what are you gong to put up as collateral? And the USA say, “uh, I guess we’ll create the Social Security System and have the Internal Revenue Service monitor the protection money for a while, and by a while I mean indefinitely.” Your income tax goes to pay the interest on money that is loaned to it by the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK – literally speaking, you work three to six months out of the year to line to pockets of bankers. The official purpose of the purely ceremonial horse-and-pony show called the Treasury Department has been, since 1933, to manage the bankruptcy, as we’ve been in bankruptcy ever since.

Since nothing is more costly than all out warfare, the best situation for making record profits would entail weapons and technology built and dependent on the global stranglehold of oil reserves. After all, 75% of all the oil the United States consumes is consumed by our military – not the consumer. Creating all out warfare forces the federal government to borrow more money from the Federal Reserve to pay for these weapons. To accomplish maximum profits, the model looks like this:

i. Maintain warfare for as long as possible = MAXIMIZE profits for as long as possible

ii. In the event that a war ends, begin another war as soon as possible.

iii. You are far more likely to have the support of your systems in the pre-emptive action of hostile takeover if you make yourself appear to be the victim

iv. In order to make it look like the other guy fired the first shot, you’ve got to have news coverage of the event to get the news out to people as quickly as possible

v. “Mainstream” news networks such as CNN, FOX &c. are funded by the corporations, granting the leverage needed to misinform the citizen via the most awesome propaganda force in the world to sell war.

As the potential for the establishment to activate their domestic war machine, lashing out at us with a barrage of riot police, national guardsmen and mercenary armies, fear is what they are depending on to keep us in line. Given the nature of gun ownership in America, there is also a scarier caveat to all of this: What happens if the populations woke up to everything that was going on? Unfortunately, most of our gun owners in this country are unfortunately, either self-righteous veterans or racists in the deep south and will hurdle us back into Fascism if it turns out that they are only American patriots with the balls to stand up to our current dominators. Thankfully the occupation of Wall Street et. al. illustrates the true power of the free human spirit. While some define courage as the willingness to engage the enemy, it takes far greater cajones I’m afraid, to stand up to them completely naked of weaponry, with the righteous confidence of knowing that if you do die in the process, you can at least proudly tell God that you never took a human life.

One way or another, eventually someone will have to fight. The question I often have been asking myself is, “Does this really end with me, and my generation?” Because I’m certainly not going to bring a life into this – not as it exists right now. If we end up spiraling downward into chaos, that would be a prison sentence for a new generation of our children. The horror has been explored – thoroughly – and history today concerns the same two things it has always concerned since the first Historian sat down to write the first history entries, and that is:

1. The outcomes of wars

2. How the weak are controlled and exploited by the corrupt

It is clear to me now that peaceful protest is the only way to break the cycle – the only way to change this age old pattern of slavery enforced by violence reinforced by fear. The size of this movement proves we still have a fighting chance. What this doesn’t mean is that you and everyone else can simply go on about your day and continue as you always have, allowing a small number of people to fight the revolution for you. The baby-boom failed in the 1960’s, but this movement doesn’t have to.

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy garbage we don’t need. Consumerism as a lifestyle ensures that our way of life is that of going shopping – and if you can’t buy the newest car, computer or fashion you lack value. If you buy lots of things you’re a good citizen, but if you don’t buy lots of stuff, what are you? We even idolize materialism – Christmas has been transformed into nothing more than a blind celebration of consumerism. Do human kind a favor starting right now, please: quit buying garbage, and if you absolutely must make a monetary purchase, ask yourself, “Where did this come from?” There is such a thing as conscientious consumerism. If it didn’t come from your district you should probably return it to the shelf, if nothing else in the name of efficiency. I’m not against the import of a car that you’ll never have to replace in your lifetime, or a wine that simply cannot be produced in your area (although the science of hydroponic and aeroponic technologies will change that), but as long as the globalized economy remains an exploitative force gripped within the stranglehold of the economic elite, the entire system will remain hijacked, flying on a collision course not with a tower, but with the first-ever total extinction event on Earth which is actually a result of mistakes made by the fruit of the Earth’s loins – its own conscious life.

The argument that going to Wal-Mart is okay because it is somehow cheaper is a short term excuse to shelter ourselves from the truth, because the nature of corporate business is to externalize the true costs of production. To give the machine money is to oil its destructive gears. 99% of everything we purchase is designed to be obsolete within 6 months: everything we harvest, mine, ship and produce is designed to break so that we buy more, further funding the greed of the blue bloods. The only aspect of American consumerism more revolting than its obsolescence is its toxicity, and true cost to the long run probability of humanity’s ability to survive this nightmare. Shouldn’t we only be producing things that last for generations? Cars are probably my favorite example of this; critical parts are designed to break after short periods of use, though most of the miles we put on our respective automobiles wouldn’t have been necessary if we weren’t working jobs we hate to support this awful mechanism of death.

How have we been driven so drastically off course? Television is one of the biggest drivers of convincing us that this is how we should be living – the social programming that is largely responsible for making this all possible. By watching television we are giving up our ability to think for ourselves, and instead relinquishing our decision making power to the corporatocracy. This whole keeping up with the Jones’ mass hysteria driven by the televised hypnosis of the population through advertising and propaganda has us pushing up against all sorts of limits, and we’re finally witnessing the inevitable collapse of this childish mentality vis-à-vis the complete collapse of western civilization. It’s this same, self-justifying mentality that tries to convince us of a food crisis right now – there isn’t a shortage of food; there is a shortage of dollars in the hands of the hungry to pay for food that will rot if not bought. Wall Street defines food as a commodity that is wanted by consumers – not one that is needed by humans.

Consumerism is over. This is nothing to be depressed about – quite the contrary. The world we have been living in – the world I was born in – is unacceptable; unlivable; unsustainable. Everything is accelerating at an exponential rate, rapidly accelerating toward the synchronicity, and we are now experiencing the vertical end of the exponentiality chart. The gears of the collapsing capitalist empire will rust and grind to a crumbling halt with or without you. It’s happening. The society that abolishes every adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure. You’ll never see the police brutality stories that are happening on the news – believe me – I’m involved in one right now. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The revolution will not be televised, but you can expect to see it on the internet.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: the internet.

Violence aside, how with the establishment likely respond to the glob activist movement currently unfolding before our eyes? I think the risk of character assassination is a predictable outcome for this case. Frankly, in most of the cases that matter, the tactic has always been to ignore the person, and make them look as bad as possible. It would stand to reason that in a legitimate attack on one of the many organizations that threatens our liberties through the unconstitutional use of force, that very established regime will do everything within their power to hustle, intimidate and silence the voice of the people.

Julian Assange underwent the established regime’s classic playbook, using character assassination as their weapon. This was the same technique used on Clinton when he angered the military industrial complex, as well as numerous other notables in the history of good people standing up against the oppressors. However, the dominators have solidified the usefulness of this technique in their own minds, cementing it as the ultimate tool against truth when coupled with a monopoly of the television propaganda networks, that they have overlooked the maturation of the civilization at large. Julian Assange’s support has never been greater, so why didn’t the sex scandal work this time?

At the time the sex-scandal angle was fully realized in the early 20th century, America was a very monogamous society, and any evidence of a man cheating on his wife was an outrage to all others. Today, with divorce rates at 60% and shows like, “Cheaters,” airing constantly, the idea isn’t that far fetched for most who have participated in their own brands of sex scandal. Hence the American audience is in actuality far more likely to empathize with defendants. Just as commercial advertising has been proven to slowly over decades lose its efficacy to the point that children see more advertisements in one year than their grandparents saw in a lifetime, the thirst for genuine information is at an all time high right now, and internet coverage of networks like Al Jazeera and RT are changing the rules on what the viewer defines as genuine news broadcasting. In the wake of the housing bubble and the loss of two-million American homes overnight, people are fare more likely these days to read the papers online in a library to find out exactly why they’re suddenly on the streets in a tent city. Besides, with compounding interest charging our government literally trillions of dollars every day, the post-consumer simply doesn’t have the money to afford a house anymore, let alone cable television.

The fact is this is not an isolated incident, and the established regime is used to pushing people around. In fact, it seems like an inevitability of history repeating itself that the honorable Sheriff of Knottingham story should come back to haunt us with the police state that we currently see implemented to continue the most elaborate and violent tax-collection scheme in written human history. Of all of the people in the world who are behind bars, why are 25% of them behind bars here in America? For every four prisoners worldwide, one of them in prison here…but wait a minute – America only makes up for 4.5% of the world population. So how could the smallest population density actually be imprisoning more people than many of the other nations combined?

We could blame the fact that America is the only first-world country on Earth that does not require college degrees of its officers. We could blame an overly zealous pursuit of a secret terrorist Army, a war waged by the Department of Homeland Security – an organization that mandates the training programs of law enforcement and military programs. We could blame the police state that has swelled up around us, with constant outright violations of posse comitatus, that is, the constitutional forbidding of the use of military to achieve police matters.

But at the end of the day, we have no one to blame for ourselves, for all of it. Our complacency is to blame, and Hamilton’s famous and prophetic Federalist Number 10 has come true: Hamilton stated that as soon as the people lose their backbone and quit fighting for liberty – as soon as they’re comfortable enough to lack a reason for government participation – that the great Republic will be lost and a new kind of monarchy will be inevitable.

When faced with the question of a system changeover, most consumers immediately called us Marxists, or begin rattling off the death toll statistics of other reigns of socialism and communism, citing Mao’s slaughter of 100,000, or Stalin’s deadly reign that consumed over 40,000 lives. Rarely does anyone consider the foundations that capitalism is built upon; stolen land and borrowed money. More than 100 million perished in our Indian Wars and more than 200 million African slaves lost their lives; if 40% of the slaves on a slave ship died before reaching the new world, the corporations still made a profit, since they were all stolen in the first place. But even those statistics pail in comparison to the 18,000 children that die of starvation each day. Starvation isn’t due to a lack of food, but a lack of money in the hands of the hungry.

3. Chemtrails, Forest fires, Health and Honeybees

A great number of documentaries have recently surfaced concerning the true nature of what exactly we’ve been seeing in the skies since these GeoEngineering programs were put into effect in 1996. Remember two years ago in 2009 when there were two bills in Washington aimed toward the illegalization of private, non-corporatized farms? Those bills didn’t pass, but those in power showed their hand by proposing the illegalization of private farming. Here’s what we know for sure. Chemtrails are mostly composed of aluminum, barium, lead and arsenic, as well as other heavy metals, in that order. It isn’t a coincidence that the corporate seed-manufacturing industry recently patented aluminum-resistant seed strains, because aluminum changes the pH of soil from acidic to neutral. The result of this is the sterilization of all soil and the inability for contaminated areas to ever grow plant life again. It’s happening in first world countries to make us just as dependent upon corporatized food as those in the third world. It wasn’t enough for the RoundUp company to create soybean seeds that are invasive to all other plant life, then fill un-covered train cars brimming with these seeds, passing the trains through private farm land allowing the patented seeds to blow into the wind onto the farmers’ lands, then send lawyers in a few months later to sue the farmers for growing patented seeds thus taking over what few private farm lands remained out from under the umbrella of corporate control. Here’s another nugget of information to consider – Alzheimer’s, blood clots, and many forms of cancer are the direct result of aluminum particles unnaturally ending up in strange areas of the human body, especially the brain. We’ve been told that it’s from drinking from aluminum cans (though they keep canning with aluminum). This isn’t the first problem we’ve had with heavy metals ending up where they’re not supposed to – my favorite example has to be our constant inoculation of children, shooting them up with mercury, and the American people accept that mercury is somehow a “preservative.”

Chemtrails are also partially responsible for the alarming rise of wildfires which have recently become more rampant than usual (though this is only part of the problem). How could this be happening? The presence of Aluminum also changes the soil when dusted over the planet, contributing dramatically not only to the neutralization of soil pH thus killing plant life and turning it into fuel for future fires, but the aluminum dust itself is also extremely flammable, not unlike Magnesium filings used to start camp fires. Fires are also, no-doubt, prodded along as global temperatures continue to climb. We’re reaching a threshold for world disasters, and more catastrophic world disasters have occurred this year than in any other year on record, and 2011 isn’t even up yet!

Furthermore, deforestation and climate change aren’t the only reasons for this phenomena – why does deadfall collect the way it does in modern forests? It occurred to me recently that the Earth system wastes very little; flies take care of animal droppings and spoiled fruit, vultures eat what predators do not, and each system is linked to every other system, hence if you make a change at intersection A, you will still feel the effects of said change all the way down at intersection Z. So if nature takes care of her own waste, then what system could prevent the formation of “Blow-Up” fires that render the topsoil of hundreds of square miles of forest into plastic upon which nothing will grow for lifetimes?

Did you know that elephants, used to roam over every major continent before European settlers came and shot them full of holes the way they did the Buffalo? Elephants, as it turns out, consume forest deadfall. In fact, every animal we cage in the zoo system used to roam on most of the continents, making their respective contributions to the equilibrium of the surrounding environment.

Just imagine what it must have been like as a young hunter of the Lakota, quietly scaling a large cliff to the top upon which sat a vast plain. Expecting to see thousands of Buffalo grazing, you peek your head over the edge and gasp at the fly-infested remains of what was a great herd, spanning off into the horizon alongside railroad tracks that hadn’t been there the last time you hunted this place.

We have systematically put every single living system on this planet in jeopardy. It would make sense that we could live without the Doe Doe and the Panda – evolutionary failures in terms of adaptation and survivability – but now our core needs are being threatened.

The dramatic disappearance of honeybees is probably the most alarming of them all, since without them we cannot grow food. Of course it doesn’t help that due to pesticides and overfertilization, 40% we have successfully neutralized 40% of the arable land on this planet. It also doesn’t help that the amount of grain needed to produce one hamburger patty could feed ten people.

So why are the bees disappearing? Three reasons: contaminants in the beehives, cell phone UHF frequencies that hinder bee communications, and malnourished bees. Firstly, Chemtrail and pesticide contaminants accumulate in beehives, and when the bees begin to realize their contamination, they start sealing off sections of honeycomb. Of course, as with our current situation, by the time everyone realizes what is going on, it’s too late. Secondly, cellular phones operate at the same ultra-high frequencies that bees use to communicate with each other. All the cell phone hubbub screaming through the air right now pollutes the airways and the average bee can’t find their way back to their hives if they get farther than two miles away from it. Thirdly, just as “Man cannot survive on bread alone,” neither can the bees. Corporate farms expect bees to pollinate thousands of acres of soy, or hundreds of acres of corn eliminating diet variety for bees, and they die of malnutrition. If everyone planted flowers in place of grass in place of their lawns, constantly watering and mowing worthless biomass, we could reverse this aspect of the potential extinction event in front of us, within 18 months. Likewise Jacque Fresco asserted way back in 1974 that the surface of the Earth could be redesigned into a second Garden of Eden in a single decade using available technology. So what about with today’s available technology?

Before I close, here’s some good news. In March of this year, the Obama Administration’s Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton (Bilderberg member, married to former Trilateral Commission president, William Clinton, ties to Council on Foreign Relations, Ratheon &c.) publicly admitted the existence of an, “Information War.” She was petitioning for more money for propaganda networks because, “Viewership of Al Jazeera in the United States is going up, because it’s real news.” She continued to say, “There is an Information War, and we are losing that war.” Of course by “we” she’s referring to the Oligarchy. Examine what she’s saying regarding the “Information War.” What determines the outcome for victory in an information war? We know that in a terror war, drug war, and war on civil liberties that FORCE can be used as the mortar in the road to success, but an information war cannot be won through force. Hence in an “Information War,” the victor need but follow Faust: “By the power of truth, I while living have conquered the universe.” In other words, our minds want answers, and we’re clearly being lied to by the propaganda machine, so what do we do? We create thousands of small, independent networks – of course don’t forget we’re all competing with the world’s number one news source: Al Jazeera, who are accountable to several billion viewers (American networks are only accountable for 350 million). Honest news is only one effect of a worldwide economy revolutionized by the internet. Government infrastructure is literally crumbling away from the foundations below and we keep looking down expecting to see a deep fissure in the earth where we’ll fall to our deaths, but somehow the floor is holding up. No one could have predicted the effects on cutting edge developments of technology coupled with the effects of that technology on the minds growing up in the wake of its development. We’re poised to create the perfect human paradise, and if we haven’t reached the point-of-no-return yet, and can steer ourselves out of this hell we’ve created, we might not only have a chance to merely survive in the 1700’s meaning of the word, but thrive like we never have before. Our collective survival actually demands of us that we find our equilibrium with earth, or allow ourselves to continue on this collision course with our own extinction. Is it really so hard to imagine – 7 billion people working together? The globe as it exists currently represents arbitrary political divides based on who owned what at which point in history. Future generations will see it as a fragmented world – the dark ages.

When they take the song out of your throat, darkness has won. When they rip the hope from your chest, the darkness is victorious. Like an ooze, the darkness seems to find us no matter how ‘sheltered’ or ‘secure’ we lie to ourselves that we actually are. Because westerners have become consumers, obsessed with material wealth, the central struggle in the west is with attachment, which in the eyes of the Buddha is a trait equal to hatred; both are human delusions that define the central cause of suffering for mankind. We’ve reached such a low, and we’ve forgotten so much, that the washing away of old belief systems in this country has become a guarantee. Every kid I know who attended Catholic school in the information age, became an ardent opponent to the Vatican through historical awareness coupled with the fact that things have been getting worse – and this is true of every level of existence in this downward spiral mankind dares to call an existence. Impermanence exists in all things, and I suppose it is the perfect lesson – it’s actually one of the very first lessons that even Tibetan children understand thoroughly at a very young age. We’re locked in this impossible quest for permanence! By god, someone will know it was humans who did this! It’s changing already – think of 1987 Soviet Union. The government was making threats that they didn’t have the resources to back. Then is now, but this thing called “the internet” is going to actually pull us into the age of Aquarius. We can’t masquerade as an advanced species anymore, with all these plasma screens and computers and quantum physics theories, when most of the technology is designed to go to waste or worse, being used to watch Monday night football. The internet is facilitating the first truly peaceful revolution. I used to think it wouldn’t happen this way – how could it? The government publicly admitting they’re wiretapping all U.S. citizens, spying on internet activities, text messages, and even your physical location due to RFID (Radio-Frequency-Identification) chip technology used to track us. Meanwhile they were building up riot police, military and mercenary armies designed to fight the public, building FEMA camps to set the stage of what they were capable of &c. I see now the way it is happening. You can isolate a man, but you cannot isolate him from dream consciousness and thus from other states of consciousness. He’s not separated at all, but in fact more likely to meditate in the prison cell. The US imprisons two-million people because prisons are private corporations after the same thing banking cartels are after – making as much money as possible. The United States accounts for only 4.5% of the world population, yet, we’re using 30% of the resources and of all prisoners worldwide, 25% of them are behind bars in America. The military industrial complex uses 75% of the oil they blame on the gluttonous consumer empire, which simultaneously happens to be true, but ¾ of that military bill isn’t what most of us would like to see in terms of the use of those resources. I would like to see solar R&D and vertical farming operations for sustainable communities, circular cities with mass transit availabilities functioning at the highest possible efficiency, providing the best possible life for all of Earth’s inhabitants and thus, and overabundance that no one thought was possible in the old world. How could it have been when we believed so heavily in money, and became obsessed with the concept of ownership? Native Americans perhaps had the best reactions to these childish, board-game ideas. “How can one own the land?” they asked of us. And we thought they were savage – we murdered two-hundred-million Natives when we stormed in here. It seems fitting that the spirit of the land is emphasizing the same thing to all of us worldwide who are listening.

The reformation cannot be avoided, but the war still can. Shooting people full of holes and allowing the system to collapse creating a new nightmare for humanity are all unacceptable outcomes. There is still time to salvage parts of existing infrastructure into something efficient and beneficial. We must reclaim what is ours. Equilibrium or war? It seems that we’re preparing for all outcomes, and in doing so eliminating the possibility for Murphy to rear his paradoxical head. Check out the Venus Project in the meantime – if electricity does go out, you won’t be able to watch it for free on YouTube anymore. The new Zeitgeist documentary, Moving Forward goes into the concept of a Resource-Based economy in depth.

All Material Written by Gabrielle Lafayette.

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