OccupyMissoula Meeting with County Commissioners Today, 3:30

Occupiers & friends —
As discussed at the GA in the library Saturday, a small group of encampment people are invited by the Commissioners to meet.
I volunteered to find out whether the meeting today is public. It is posted on-line and in the Missoulian (today) as:

3:30 PM ~ 4:30 PM BCC Andrew Czorny, Larry Farnes, et al (Occupy Missoula) – 201
I checked with the Commissioner’s office, and learned that Yes, this is a public meeting; and yes, they will take public comment.
If you’re not familiar with Room 201, there’s a large u-shaped table in front (where I would expect the official OM delegation to sit with the Commissioners) and then chairs, perhaps 25-30 for the public. In my opinion, it is appropriate that members of OM be in the audience, and can speak as part of public comment especially in the event it is needed. Just walk in, turn to the right, and sit down. Don’t take signs. You’ll have an opportunity to speak, but not until public comment is called for. Ethel

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