Update: Commissioner’s Meeting A-OK

Hello , this is Debby Florence using the Occupy Missoula account.  Went to the meeting, and there was a public comment section.  Some people commented about their concerns regarding the Occupy movement, but nothing extremely inflammatory nor suggestive was said.  The environment was totally professional and mellow. I am personally glad that the encampment folks sent out a text asking for support regardless.. it was nice to see that about 8 or 10 of us were able to go down there and witness the meeting.  It was also nice, and this is my personal opinion, to be in a space where we could hear some of the community’s concerns about Occupy Wall Street.

None of the Occupy Missoula folks spoke.  When the public comment section was over, the County Commissioners read their statement that says they support our right to be there, and that the encampment has been communicative, and responsive to the County’s requests regarding the space.  I do know that Brooklyn Kittleson has a new idea regarding locations, and if you’re curious, you should go to the General Assembly meeting tomorrow at 6pm on the courthouse lawn to hear her proposal.

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