Notes from the Occupation

This is written by Debby.. anyone can help contribute to “Notes from the Occupation”  If you are involved and would like to write a narrative update, contact us!

We held a General Assembly at the Missoula Public Library on Sunday. The minutes to this meeting are posted here. About 55 people were in attendance, and I also tried to stream the meeting for those who wanted to participate or watch from home.  About 10 people attended via the stream.  There were some glitches with this, but a couple people were able to make proposals and say their thoughts to the group via this technology. Success. Upcoming assemblies:

Today, Oct 27 , 6pm , Missoula County Courthouse
Saturday, Oct 29, our GA joins Helena’s GA during Occupy the Capitol.
Tuesday, November 1, 6pm Missoula County Courthouse
Thursday, November 3, 6pm Missoula County Courthouse
Sunday, November 6, 2:00 – 4:30 Missoula Public Library, and Web Streaming

The Commissioner’s Meeting, Monday Oct 24
The commissioners were essentially trying to open up communication and basically do a check in . The tone in the room was respectful and communicative.  We voiced our appreciation of the staff for honoring our First Amendment rights and for working with us. They voiced similar appreciation about our responsiveness and communication with them. One thing they are concerned about is Veteran’s Day, because they hold a very meaningful event on the lawn, and they want that day to remain as sacred and welcoming to all veterans as it always is.  We voiced that we shared this concern, those present voiced support of veterans and the desire to convey our respect for the ceremony. We said we’d  discuss it in depth at our upcoming meetings. MORE ON THE MEETING HERE

The message boards
You might not want to sign up for yet another thing, but I urge you to do it anyway.  The message boards offer us a place to begin organized conversations on a variety of subjects, and fill in the current communication gap we have right now between occupiers, supporters, and interested parties.  We can’t think of a better and easier way to invite more participation right now.  We need depth of conversation, and a public way to share these conversations.  And we need everyone to participate, to help OccupyMissoula truly reflect the needs of its community.  So don’t leave it up to 10 or 12 vocal people who happen to be there.  Don’t be silent because you think we’re missing crucial information and direction. Join us to offer your thoughts , skills, and ideas. We truly need you.

Which brings me to Working Groups
If you’re in a working group, even if it hasn’t met in a little while, can you please go to the message board and just write a little synopsis about where you left off, what you think needs done next? Active Working Groups: Can you please post your most recent minutes and your next meeting times/locations?  Go Here, find your group, and add content! Thanks!  If you are not in a working group , still go there and add your thoughts, questions, ideas… and if one seems slightly inactive, announce a meeting time and get things happening! 





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