City/County Threaten to Arrest Occupiers on Courthouse Lawn Monday am

Tonight, Sunday 13 November 2011 at approximately 9pm an emergency meeting was held at the encampment regarding a new threat to arrest campers on the ground if tents are still erected tomorrow morning; their threat, apparently, is to begin making arrests at 9am tomorrow morning.  Emotions ran high as everyone scrambled to figure out what had happened – what was different NOW than yesterday?  Larry the groundskeeper has been contacted by multiple individuals involved in this movement, but it is unclear WHY there is suddenly a new urgency by the city to remove the encampment from the Court House lawn.  It seems to be mostly related to some behind-the-scenes decision made by the County Commissioners, who have told us in meetings that they are “okay with our presence,” when it was perfectly clear from meeting with them and gauging their reactions that they were probably brainstorming ways to remove our presence.  Personally I believe this to be another molehill turned mountain by over speculating gossip, but come morning if there are arrests we will be reading about it in the Missoulian.

Best Regards,
Gabrielle Lafayette

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