OM Mass Day of Occupation Dec 3-4, Missoula, Courthouse Lawn

Occupy Missoula and OccupyMontana are organizing a MASS DAY OF OCCUPATION on Dec. 3rd 2011. We are inviting people/ organizations/ groups to sponsor a info tent and build a presence for this one event. We want to show our true numbers. We have been told we will be given notice of eviction in advance. So there is a low arrest level for this event. All are welcome!

1. Occupy Missoula has in place a non-violence policy, as well as a policy against the presence of alcohol, drugs, or weapons on-site, passed by consensus of the General Assembly.

2. Occupy Missoula has agreed not to put stakes in the ground due to underground sprinkler system. Tents have to be pitched using ballast.

3. Essentially, Occupy Missoula is just the meeting spot. We will organize a pot luck dinner, but otherwise you should provide for all needs for yourself or group. This includes being responsible for your own food and water, camping gear, and the security thereof while on site, as well as for cleaning up after yourself and any pets you may have.

4. We want a drum circle and request that people bring acoustic instruments!

We would love to see you there!

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