Occupied Media: Interview With Ryan Devereaux

By Taryn Hart, Occupied Media

I cannot tell you how excited I am to present Occupied Media’s interview with Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now! Ryan has been covering Occupy Wall Street since before the physical occupation began. He has covered and live tweeted many of the critical moments, including – among many other events – the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge and the arrests and violence that occurred at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway.

In addition to reporting for Democracy Now!, Ryan is a contributing writer for The GuardianAl Jazeera English,The NationAlterNetNew America Media, and others. You can also follow him on Twitter at @RDevro.

This interview is actually from about mid-October, but there were terrible sound issues that required painstaking editing. Many thanks to video editor Paul Shockley for doing that very slow-going work. And thank you to Ryan for agreeing to meet with us and for his patience. I cannot say enough about Ryan – everyone should follow him on twitter, follow his work on Democracy Now! and should read everything he writes.

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