Occupied Media: Interviews With Punkboyinsf & Spencer Mills (a/k/a OakFoSho)

From OccupiedMedia and OccupyMissoula, Taryn Hart:

Here’s Occupied Media’s interview with J’Tao a/k/a Punkboyinsf. steaming out of the Bay Area. My main impression of Punkboyinsf – having gotten to know him a bit – is how generous he is: He’s thrilled promote and help out small occupations and fellow streamers. When I asked him about donations, he really wasn’t interested in money, but thought maybe he could use some equipment. However, since then, he’s lost his phone/camera and had to replace it, courtesy his Mom who he really needs to pay back. I will get a donate link up as soon as that is available, but in the the meantime, anyone who wants to donate can contact him on twitter, @punkboyinsf.

Like my interview with OakFoSho, we cover a lot of ground, starting with how he fell into streaming and all of the twists and turns he and the movement have taken since then. Unfortunately, my side of the video was lost due to technical difficulties, but in terms of content, I’m really pleased with the interview:

This interview with Spencer Mills (a/k/a OakFoSho) – as well as a slightly earlier interview with Punkboyinsf (which is held up in editing due to technical issues) – are my first interviews of fellow Occupiers. Partially for that reason, but also because I think these guys are absolutely amazing, these interviews may be my favorite.

Spencer and I pretty much cover the map – how he got started with Occupy and streaming, media objectivity, “diversity of tactics” and transparency, the raid of Occupy LA, the various people Occupying trees (I absolutely LOVE the tree people) and the impressive occupation that is Occupy Oakland. As anyone who has watched OakFoSho’s stream knows, he’s incredibly interesting and opinionated – pretty much a dream interview. So, the one and only, OakFoSho: