The People’s Energy Independence Day Parade

Occupy Missoula (and many group/organization/others) will “take it (Independence) to the streets for a July 4 (Wed) Peoples’ Energy Independence Day Parade/Picnic …

Decentralized, unorganized and Independent, we will march, stroll, ride, skate etc
through Missoula, parading our Independence and Inter-dependence!
A whole lot of us (the 99%?) are fed up with the “way” it is and
want to facilitate change. Bring yourselves, your signs, books, soap box, instruments
(and picnic stuff) and let’s have some fun and connect the dots for everyone who shows up.
Maybe our theme will be “What does Independence/Inter-dependence mean to You?”
(An example – not set in stone) Show up at the XXX’s at 11am on Wed July 4 for an Occupy the streets Peoples’ Energy Independence/Inter-dependence Day Parade/Picnic. We will invite and include any non motorized modes of conveyance (i.e walk, dance,  skate, wheel, cart, hop, strut, puppet, hula etc). We will parade through downtown to Kawanis Park where we will picnic from 12 to 5pm supporting our Independence/Inter-dependence. Please join us with your friends/neighbors …

A Note on Solidarity and the Fist

We’ve had a couple of comments about our use of the raised fist, alluding that we are aligning ourselves with a socialist movement. The fist in our logo is the same fist used in the OccupyWallStreet logo, and was chosen to show solidarity with them and the broader Occupy movement. This symbol has seen much use across a wide array of movements.

There is a very good “brief history of the clenched fist image” at Docs Populi. If people are concerned about imagery, this is as good of a place as any to begin the exploration of a universal symbol for a movement. Feel free to add in your comments and other information about the fist!

I’ll start this off with a quote from the above linked article: Continue reading