Agenda & Minutes to GA, 10/17/11 (approved by consensus)

I. Weekend Recap
II. Announcements
III. Working Group Reports
IV. Camp dynamics
V. Direct Action/Next steps
VI. Memorial for CottonEyedJOe
VII. Soapbox

I. Weekend Recap
Everyone met at the Fishes at Caras Park, and after soapboxing marched by consensus process to stage protests at the office of Jon Tester, then the Wells Fargo branch (where everyone joined hands to encircle the bank branch — it’s a REALLY BIG branch!), then continued to protest at Rehberg and Baucus’ offices. We returned to the courthouse lawn for the Art Jam at 1:00 pm, where the good energy continued with poetry, open mic, music, and a circle dance. Sunday there was a spiritual gathering open to all beliefs. One concern expressed was KPAX reporting that we “Marched to Rehberg’s office,}” suggesting this action was against a Republican, neglecting to mention that we also marched to Baucus and Tester’s offices. People are urged to write in to the newschannel to point out that this (mistakenly or otherwise) reporting is slanted! Continue reading

OccupyMissoula ArtJam Update & Posters to Distribute

Folks, remember we are having an ArtJam on Saturday from 1pm – 10pm. Here are the minutes of yesterday’s workgroup meeting, and links to the flyers/posters. Please help distribute!

Artwork, tiled for handbills: | pdf
Artwork for 8 1/2 x 11 poster: | pdf

Arts and Culture Minutes 10/12/11: Continue reading

#OccupyMissoula (#OWS)

Some of this may be redundant as we’re not completely coordinated yet, but I wanted to get this post up as some of the information is NOT redundant.

OCCUPY MISSOULA held their first GA and between 300-400 people attended (although only about 100 were at the 5:00 PM GA and 22 people slept at the Missoula County Courthouse). Through the consensus process, Occupy Missoula decided as follows: Continue reading

Minutes from Missoula General Assembly 5pm

Minutes from Missoula General Assembly 5pm
The current process is being used:
Decisions are made by consensus
A moderator and co-moderator will facilitatee the discussion.
The following Groups were formed:
On-line media
Welcome Ambassador
Print Liaison
Law Liaison
Inner Development (Study groups)
Direct Action
Next General Assembly 5pm Sunday