Notes from the Occupation: Successful Big Tent Raising Today!

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Occupy Missoulians gathered at 11 today on the courthouse lawn to erect an Army tent, Korean War vintage. For three hours a carpenter, a leather worker, and two seamstresses modified the main tent poles, sewed up tears, patched, and rebuilt a tent pole mount that was torn, while 100 dollars worth of sandbags was purchased and brought to the site (our effort to preserve the underground watering system by using NO tent stakes). Continue reading


Notes from the Occupation

The encampment thanks everyone for responding with so much support! They now have about $200 on the Good Food Store gift card, and it sounds like an account has been opened at Ax Man for propane donations. If you would like to support the camp and create other open accounts for Occupy Missoula to use, just let us know at Right now this has been a wonderful help to keep things running smoothly. Continue reading

“To Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances”

(This is but the opinion of one Occupier in Solidarity, and not the consensus of OccupyMissoula) 

Many people do not understand what the Occupy movement is all about, and preconceptions and prejudices abound. I have spent most of the last two weeks working to understand this movement and help organize OccupyMissoula. I’m not sure why I stuck my neck out, and devoted all my time, but it has changed the way I look at politics, movements, and my community.

In the words of an elderly gentleman I have known and respected for the 25 years I have lived in Missoula, “this is the most important movement I have seen since the the Great Depression.”

Similarly, last night I had the honor to meet 4 young high school students who had decided to put on suits and come down to the County Court House and OccupyMissoula to “check things out.” We had a great conversation and I felt inspired that our youth feel the same concerns that our more experienced community members do, and felt compelled to participate, and to write about their experience (one of them was a writer for their high school’s newspaper).

It took an article in no less than Fox News, tweeted across the internet in a “Holy Shit” moment to put it all into perspective for me: “The key isn’t what protesters are for but rather what they’re against.” Continue reading

Notes from an Occupier at Occupy Missoula

by CoraZone
*this blog piece does not reflect the opinions of the group as a whole.

I write this the same morning that Occupy Wall Street has achieved a victory in Zucotti Park. I am preparing to spend another day at Occupy Missoula, where the stakes don’t appear to be as high: We have tacit permission to stay on the Missoula County Courthouse lawn. Also, our small town’s size, quietness, and physical remoteness from the giants on Wall Street, makes our purpose seem abstracted. We have been joking to each other that our main struggle seems to be ourselves, as we learn how to make decisions using consensus, as we learn how to interact with each other under intense conditions, and as we learn how to balance our time and energy between our own needs, and our passion for the movement. But the occupiers are focusing energy on how Montana is specifically impacted as well, and we urge others to get involved in this discussion, to help contribute toward meaningful, regional direct actions. Our commitment to this process is our demonstration at the moment.  I hope all who have participated in any way feel proud of that.

Besides, I think that this fight with ourselves is not something to shrug off as a side effect.  I submit to the occupiers as well as the general population that this fight, the interpersonal one, and the very personal one, is the center and heart of the global movement to change our system. So with that said, I am sure many of you reading this want to know what is happening at the encampment. Click “more” to read about current events and needs … Continue reading

The recall !

Notes from Occupation Missoula:

These notes below do not represent the view of the General Assembly, but is a note from an individual at camp, involved with facilitating. We have not gotten our communication system perfected, but there are really great things afoot! So we are writing a recap while we wait on official minutes. Please note that this is very unofficial but we want to share with the public the gist of things happening at camp. Please check back later today for the REAL minutes. Continue reading

#OccupyMissoula (#OWS)

Some of this may be redundant as we’re not completely coordinated yet, but I wanted to get this post up as some of the information is NOT redundant.

OCCUPY MISSOULA held their first GA and between 300-400 people attended (although only about 100 were at the 5:00 PM GA and 22 people slept at the Missoula County Courthouse). Through the consensus process, Occupy Missoula decided as follows: Continue reading