Notes from the Occupation

This is written by Debby.. anyone can help contribute to “Notes from the Occupation”  If you are involved and would like to write a narrative update, contact us!

We held a General Assembly at the Missoula Public Library on Sunday. The minutes to this meeting are posted here. About 55 people were in attendance, and I also tried to stream the meeting for those who wanted to participate or watch from home.  About 10 people attended via the stream.  There were some glitches with this, but a couple people were able to make proposals and say their thoughts to the group via this technology. Success. Upcoming assemblies:

Today, Oct 27 , 6pm , Missoula County Courthouse
Saturday, Oct 29, our GA joins Helena’s GA during Occupy the Capitol.
Tuesday, November 1, 6pm Missoula County Courthouse
Thursday, November 3, 6pm Missoula County Courthouse
Sunday, November 6, 2:00 – 4:30 Missoula Public Library, and Web Streaming
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Already, people are looking to capitalize on OWS.

We all know the system is corrupt and flawed and this is media spin on the movement. It’s support we need not apathy. It is important to keep the movement meaningful and peaceful. Violent incidents tend to confuse the reasonableness of the basic goals of this social movement: to seek real democracy and eliminate economic inequality.

Example :

I was occupying the Missoula county court house with this interesting Missoula man & I for the life of me can not recall his name. I’m not good with names. But his local news letter is a noteworthy publication. Link to article

Solidarity with Oakland

Sharing a concern about Oakland from Rick, in Helena:

I am sure most are following the police state attack on OccupyOakland, is there anything we can do in solidarity? I have contacted the one person I know is there on the ground in Oakland asking what they may need. Is there anything we can do in our march and action on Saturday? Can we get a veterans for peace escort? is there a native warriors society we can ask for help?  Symbology is important! ~rick      Continue discussion here

From Occupy Wall Street:
Late last night, Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq war veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march. The march began at a downtown library and headed towards City Hall in an effort to reclaim a site—recently cleared by police—that had previously served as their encampment.

The NYC vigil in solidarity with the vigil being held in Oakland will begin at 6pm today, leaving from the red sculpture at Liberty Plaza.

Update: Commissioner’s Meeting A-OK

Hello , this is Debby Florence using the Occupy Missoula account.  Went to the meeting, and there was a public comment section.  Some people commented about their concerns regarding the Occupy movement, but nothing extremely inflammatory nor suggestive was said.  The environment was totally professional and mellow. I am personally glad that the encampment folks sent out a text asking for support regardless.. it was nice to see that about 8 or 10 of us were able to go down there and witness the meeting.  It was also nice, and this is my personal opinion, to be in a space where we could hear some of the community’s concerns about Occupy Wall Street.

None of the Occupy Missoula folks spoke.  When the public comment section was over, the County Commissioners read their statement that says they support our right to be there, and that the encampment has been communicative, and responsive to the County’s requests regarding the space.  I do know that Brooklyn Kittleson has a new idea regarding locations, and if you’re curious, you should go to the General Assembly meeting tomorrow at 6pm on the courthouse lawn to hear her proposal.

Join our Discussions about Consensus

The online forums are becoming more active. Busy discussions are beginning to take place about Consensus and meeting facilitation , and there is an interesting dilemma posed here .  We encourage all working groups to post their meeting minutes and other information on the message boards to keep things open to newcomers or interested readers. Have an event you want supporters to find out about?  There’s an events board too!  Let’s broaden the discussion beyond just 8 vocal people.  Joining is your chance to share your ideas and opinions, especially if you are not as outspoken in person.  We know there are hundreds of you out there thinking about this movement, and we wholeheartedly invite your participation in the conversation.


1500 cities worldwide participating in this movement now!

In Washington DC 6 supporters of #OWS were arrested in the senate’s Heart office building for chanting loudly and unfurling banners calling for an end to overseas wars and for increased taxes on the rich. Blocks away occupiers at Freedom Plaza have obtained permits from the Parks Service to remain where they are for another four months. This four-month extension comes after their temporary permit expired and they announced that since they were occupying a public space, it was irrelevant whether the permit had expired or not, and they weren’t leaving. They’ve immediately started working on organizing think tanks to help create a new infrastructure for our country.

Chicago 21 protesters who were arrested for trespassing in two separate incidents – 16 were taken into custody for protesting at a downtown hotel where the conference for the mortgage bankers association was underway – five more people, women ranging in ages from 55 – 80 were arrested for taking garbage from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America and dumping it at one of the bank’s branches.

Video footage has emerged of the mass arrests at an Occupy Boston protest Monday night. More than 100 people were detained after police raided an encampment in the early morning hours. The video shows police grabbing members of the organization Veterans for Peace who repeatedly shout at the riot police, “We are Veterans of the United States of America,” while riot police tossed the old men to the ground along with the American flag, beating a 72 year old veteran while trampling the flag in the street.

U of M Students protesting for Occupy Missoula

UM students on the Missoula County Court House lawn protesting corporate greed in the nation. They protest whenever they can between classes and work. Students have different reasons for their involvement, but they still show up everyday to take part in Occupy Missoula. UM News reporter Tara Oster and photographer Maegan Simmons found two students that seem willing to forgo sleep to be a part of the movement.

A link to A video interview with one student protester,

Notes from an Occupier at Occupy Missoula

by CoraZone
*this blog piece does not reflect the opinions of the group as a whole.

I write this the same morning that Occupy Wall Street has achieved a victory in Zucotti Park. I am preparing to spend another day at Occupy Missoula, where the stakes don’t appear to be as high: We have tacit permission to stay on the Missoula County Courthouse lawn. Also, our small town’s size, quietness, and physical remoteness from the giants on Wall Street, makes our purpose seem abstracted. We have been joking to each other that our main struggle seems to be ourselves, as we learn how to make decisions using consensus, as we learn how to interact with each other under intense conditions, and as we learn how to balance our time and energy between our own needs, and our passion for the movement. But the occupiers are focusing energy on how Montana is specifically impacted as well, and we urge others to get involved in this discussion, to help contribute toward meaningful, regional direct actions. Our commitment to this process is our demonstration at the moment.  I hope all who have participated in any way feel proud of that.

Besides, I think that this fight with ourselves is not something to shrug off as a side effect.  I submit to the occupiers as well as the general population that this fight, the interpersonal one, and the very personal one, is the center and heart of the global movement to change our system. So with that said, I am sure many of you reading this want to know what is happening at the encampment. Click “more” to read about current events and needs … Continue reading