Notes from the Occupation: Successful Big Tent Raising Today!

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Occupy Missoulians gathered at 11 today on the courthouse lawn to erect an Army tent, Korean War vintage. For three hours a carpenter, a leather worker, and two seamstresses modified the main tent poles, sewed up tears, patched, and rebuilt a tent pole mount that was torn, while 100 dollars worth of sandbags was purchased and brought to the site (our effort to preserve the underground watering system by using NO tent stakes). Continue reading

Occupation Workgroup Meeting 11am Sat, Courthouse Lawn & BIG TENT Raising!

Howdy fellow Occupiers. The Occupation Workgroup has called for a meeting on the Courthouse lawn at 11am, Saturday. This meeting will discuss the ongoing efforts to winterize our Occupation and provide a way for those who haven’t been onsite in a while to plug back into the onsite encampment.

We are engaging in a concerted 3 week effort to dig in and plan for the winter. We need all of OccupyMissoula to commit to helping the Occupation succeed, and to do so we are asking for you to not just retreat into your winter comfy zone, if you have one, but to commit to spending time at the Occupation on a regular basis, and to help focus OM on our encampment and what it brings to our movement.

As a result of fundraising efforts earlier this week to winterize the Occupation, we have purchased a 16×32′ military grade tent! We will put it up tomorrow, so any help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks to Taryn for spearheading this effort, and everybody else who donated and helped out. We also have a porta potty onsite, thanks to Missoula County. How exactly that came about, I’m not exactly sure, but it is welcome. Continue reading

OccupyButte gets County Commissioners to Pass Social Program Resolution

From OccupyButte: On a 7 to 4 vote the Resolution created by Occupy Butte was passed by the County Council of Commissioners last night.

Butte-Silver Bow County Council of Commissioners Resolution in Support of Social Programs of Economic Importance to its Citizens (Proposal of Occupy Butte to Judiciary Committee November 9, 2011)


Occupy the Home Front: Why Veterans Are Deploying With the 99 Percent

Occupy the Home Front: Why Veterans Are Deploying With the 99 Percent.

A story by John Nichols for the noteworthy publication of “The Nation”.


Veterans Occupy Wall Street | More information about Scott Olsen
A Story By Paolo Cravero for the noteworthy publication of “The Nation”.

Occupy Missoula Camp Peacefully Leaves, Missoulian article

Most of the Occupy Missoula campers struck their tents Monday morning after more than a month on the Missoula County Courthouse lawn.

“The word came down last night,” camper Kathlene Kelly said as she helped pile gear in the morning snowfall. “We broke down the tents for Veterans Day in honor of what they’re doing here. A great many of our members are veterans.

“Then last night, a representative from the county came to the encampment and told folks if we were still here by morning, we could expect a visit from the sheriff.”

The campers said they negotiated a brief extension until Monday morning so they could pack up their gear in daylight. They also believed they got permission to keep an information post in the courthouse gazebo. Continue reading

City/County Threaten to Arrest Occupiers on Courthouse Lawn Monday am

Tonight, Sunday 13 November 2011 at approximately 9pm an emergency meeting was held at the encampment regarding a new threat to arrest campers on the ground if tents are still erected tomorrow morning; their threat, apparently, is to begin making arrests at 9am tomorrow morning.  Emotions ran high as everyone scrambled to figure out what had happened – what was different NOW than yesterday?  Larry the groundskeeper has been contacted by multiple individuals involved in this movement, but it is unclear WHY there is suddenly a new urgency by the city to remove the encampment from the Court House lawn.  It seems to be mostly related to some behind-the-scenes decision made by the County Commissioners, who have told us in meetings that they are “okay with our presence,” when it was perfectly clear from meeting with them and gauging their reactions that they were probably brainstorming ways to remove our presence.  Personally I believe this to be another molehill turned mountain by over speculating gossip, but come morning if there are arrests we will be reading about it in the Missoulian.

Best Regards,
Gabrielle Lafayette

Virtual Teach-In with Dean Baker

Via Plutocracy Files:

I’m extremely pleased to present the most recent Occupied Media installment, our interview with economist Dean Baker. Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. He is the author of several books, including, most recently, The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive. He regularly blogs at Beat the Press, which features commentary on economic reporting.

We discuss Dr. Baker’s diagnosis and prescriptions for the economy. Unlike most of the econ folks I’ve spoken with, Dr. Baker expressed specific concern with our trade imbalances and argues making the dollar more competitive is important for recovery from our short-term economic crisis. Additionally, Dr. Baker has some really interesting ideas for tackling the housing crisis, including giving foreclosed upon homeowners the right to rent their former home for a significant period of time – an interesting solution that would give homeowners in default much-needed leverage in their negotiations with lenders.

Virtual Teach-In with Josh Zinner | New from OccupiedMedia

Another installment in a series of virtual teach-ins designed to bring the great minds of our day to the multitude of smaller occupations across the globe.

Missoulian Taryn Hart and attorney Josh Zinner, co-director of the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project ( discuss how predatory lending practices led to the housing bubble.

Missoula Passes Anti-Corporate Personhood Referendum 3-1!!!

Awesome Missoula! Here’s a blurb from the local rag, make sure to read the whole story:

Corporations aren’t people, an overwhelming 75 percent of Missoula voters said Tuesday, and they don’t want corporations treated like people either.

“I’m over the moon about it,” said Councilwoman Cynthia Wolken, who brought the referendum to the Missoula City Council to place on the ballot.

The measure – similar to others across the country – calls on the U.S. Congress and state leaders to amend the U.S. Constitution to say that “corporations are not human beings.” It earned 10,400 votes in favor and 3,523 against.

The resolution isn’t binding, but it does send a message that’s gaining momentum nationwide [way to go Occupy Movement! Read rest of the story]

Election Day in Missoula

Reminder: City referendum to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding corporate personhood on today’s ballet. How/where to vote. We decided at a GA to support this referendum. Here is a message from Jason Weiner:

“On every city ballot, there is a referendum on whether to urge state and federal legislators to overturn a disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision that granted corporations a first-amendment right to spend unlimited amounts of money electing and defeating candidates. The profoundly flawed logic of the majority was that corporate “persons” have a right to free speech. To reverse the Court, we need to amend the Constitution to state explicitly that human beings have rights and legal fictions do not. Vote FOR the referendum. “